1. aluminium PP Cap Materials
aluminium PP Cap Materials

aluminium PP Cap Materials

The aluminum Ropp bottle cap is made of fine and special aluminum alloy material.The alloy grades of aluminum alloy bottle caps are: 8011, 1235, 3004, 3014, 5052, 3105, 1060, etc.

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Product introduction

Aluminum bottle caps are usually made of 1xxx, 3xxx, and 8xxx series aluminum alloy sheets. Aluminum alloy bottle cap material is a new type of bottle cap sealing material. It is not only easy to open and beautiful, but also has the function of preventing counterfeit goods. It is mainly used for the packaging of liquor and beverage (including steam, non steam) and medical and health products, and can meet the special requirements of high temperature steaming and sterilizatio

Aluminum alloy bottle cap materials require good deep drawing performance, low lug rate, and certain strength advantages after baking during the cap making process.

Aluminum alloy bottle cap materials require that the ends of the coil should be neat, without cracks, burrs, warping, flanging, burrs, unevenness, etc. Staggered layers <2mm, tower type <5mm. The plate type requires wave height <3mm; the number of corrugations in any one meter shall not exceed 3. The surface should be smooth, clean, and free of oil spots, and wrinkles and severe indentations are not allowed.

Product Characteristics

Alloys Applications Characteristics
3105 General-purpose materials Formability is good, and strength can be standardized to meet product demands.
8011 Closure stock material ROPP cap, PP cap, roll on pilfer proof cap, aluminum pilfer-proof cap, pilfer proof closure, aluminum bottle cap, aluminum screw cap, tear off caps, flip off caps.


Chemical composition and rolling reduction and temperature can be adjusted to achieve higher material strength, allowing the sheet gauge to be reduced (making them lighter).
We control material composition, rolling temperature and time, and annealing temperature to produce optimal materials to meet clients’ performance needs, such as its opening capability and earing.
If requested, we treat materials with phosphoric acid chromate or zirconium to improve paint adherence.
We carefully monitor flatness and squareness to prevent color gapping, unevenness or print misalignment during printing.

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