1. Thermal CTP Plate
Thermal CTP Plate

Thermal CTP Plate

Haomei Thermal CTP Plate performance: stability, exposure time, plate-making speed; Network reduction, error less than 1%; High press run, can press 500000 impressions after baking.; operatg in the daylight room, easy to use; good ink-water balance, print

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Product introduction

Positive Thermal CTP Plate specially used in a variety of commercial printing and newspaper printing environment. Have clear dots, distinct, good ink-water balance, high press run and wide adaptability, etc. Whether conventional dampening or alcohol dampening, it can print out clean,clear and accurate color printings.


Laser Type


Spectra Sensitivity


Laser energy required



1% to 99% @ 250tip

Endurance of printing

100,000 impressions unbaked, 1,million impressions baked
(there is a little change according to the actual printing environment)

FM capability


Plate making compatibility

Any suitable thermal plates making available from Agfa,Kodak,Heidelberg,Screen and Presstek

Developing machine

Any suitable processors for postitive thermal plates


Recommended to use 140D positive plate Developer or Kodak series developer

P!ate finisher

Recommended useMOG Plate Finisher

Developing condition

C Developer temperture 22 to 23
30±5secinds Developing time 30 ±5secinds
00ml/m2 Replemishment rate 100ml/m2

Baking condition

Apply MOB baking liquid
220-230。C Static oven:220-230°C

Working atmosphere

Daylight handling

Guarantee period

15 months under recommended storage conditions

Transport and storage

Store plates flat in their packaging at a temperature between 15 and 25 °C with relative humigity 60%


Uses: commercial printing and newspaper printing environment.
Laser energy required 120mj/cm2
Spectra Sensitivity 830nm
Resolution 1- 99% @ 240tip/10
Coating: blue
Strong stability: There are all imports of high-speed automatic CTP production line, pipe production process standardization, product parameters are very stable. Cost-effective: the use of high sensitivity coated plate high efficiency, extend the life of thelaser platesetter. Printing plates high resistance to printing.
Easy to apply: bright room, rapid exposure and without preheating.
Superior quality: high resolution, up to 10um Fm network, to restore the good level of detail and print

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