1. Aluminum Sublimation Sheet
Aluminum Sublimation Sheet

Aluminum Sublimation Sheet

Aluminium sublimation sheet is basically a paper coated with reflective aluminium. This coating is used for printing full color photographs and images on a variety of applications from residential to commercial usage, from professional photo-cells to inkj

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Product Introduction

Aluminum sublimation sheets are a common material for indoor and outdoor decoration. They are made of quality aluminum that is sturdy, reliable, and smooth. They are thin enough to be bent and not easy to break or rust. Aluminum sublimation sheets can be used for many different purposes, such as signage, photo signs, and artworks

The aluminum sublimation plate is mainly made of high-grade aluminum alloy. Through the transfer process (heating and pressurizing), the beautiful patterns on the transfer film are transferred to the aluminum surface. After forming, the ink layer and the product surface are integrated, which is lifelike and beautiful, greatly improving the product grade

The size, shape and bending degree of sublimation aluminum sheet can be customized according to the design and use requirements. It has many advantages and is a common material for indoor and outdoor decoration.

As a decorative material, aluminum metal sublimation plate has good durability and fire resistance, and can realize various complex shapes, with lifelike appearance and strong plasticity. It is widely used in furniture, doors and windows, curtain walls, buildings, transportation, etc.


Alloy: 1060, 1100, 1050, 1070, 3003 and other alloys.

Thickness: 0.22-1.1mm, common thickness is 0.45, 0.55, 1.0mm

Dimensions: 1200x600mm, 600x400mm, 600x300mm, 610x305mm or other customized dimensions.

Surface: it can be made into brushed sublimation plate, mirror sublimation plate, high gloss sublimation plate, matte sublimation plate, etc.

Aluminum Sublimation Sheet

Color: mirror gold, mirror silver, brushed gold, brushed silver, pear silver, pear gold, satin silver, satin gold, white, champagne matt, champagne metal, champagne brushed, walnut, beech, oak, elm, yellow pear, ebony, red sandalwood and other wood grains. The color can also be customized according to the requirements.

Aluminum Sublimation Sheet


They are easy to apply, remove and re-position. Sublimation transfer paper is used in the production of sublimated prints; this paper gives the printed design colour better definition and shadowing effects than if it were to be printed with lithographic processes. Now you can use sublimation transfer paper to ensure that your photo doesn’t smudge, whether you’re using an inkjet printer or a laser one.

Aluminum Sublimation Sheet


Environmental protection: Aluminum products have wood texture and good simulation effect, replacing wood and stone materials for decoration, thus saving energy and being environmentally friendly. They are odorless, pollution-free, and eco-friendly building materials.
Beautiful appearance: Aluminum products exhibit exquisite appearances, rich texture patterns, realistic imitation effects, and pleasing aesthetics.
Easy to clean: Sublimation white metal sheets are easy to clean with water, restoring their original appearance, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
Good fire resistance: Sublimation blanks boast excellent fire resistance, ensuring high safety in usage.
Good corrosion resistance: The surface provides rust prevention, abrasion prevention, ultraviolet protection, and damage prevention.
Long service life: With a lifespan of 15-20 years without discoloration or deformation, it offers lasting durability.
Strong processability: Aluminum can be shaped into complex forms, and its back can be filled with insulation and soundproofing materials to enhance functionality.
Cost-performance advantages: It outperforms stainless steel, solid wood, and treated wood in terms of cost-effectiveness.
Strong practicability: It offers practicality, anti-corrosion properties, moisture resistance, hardness, and strength superior to solid wood.

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