1. Aluminum Checker Plate for Anti-slip function
Aluminum Checker Plate for Anti-slip function

Aluminum Checker Plate for Anti-slip function

We provide checkered plates in aluminium, also other materials (stainless steel, carbon steel and etc). Aluminum material applied is mainly composed of aluminum, magnesium and silicon.

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Product introduction

Aluminum checker plate is also called aluminum chequered plate. It is made from aluminum sheet. One side of the surface is embossed with diamond plate pattern. The different pattern can fit different environments and various usage. Aluminum checker plate is better for antirust and lighter than other materials, it can be used for many years and can retain high value after being replaced. This type of checkered plate is widely used as antiskid plate in both commercial and industrial flooring needs and also used in the vehicles, such as the ambulance and the firework truck.

We provide checkered plates in aluminium, also other materials (stainless steel, carbon steel and etc). Aluminum material applied is mainly composed of aluminum, magnesium and silicon.

We deal with various processed metal sheets embossed, punched, and chequered. Just provide your desired parameters, and we will spare no effort to deliver the most satisfying product for you.


Material: High grade aluminum sheet.
Finish: Mill and polish.
Thickness: 0.1", 0.63", 0.125", 0.188", 0.250", 0.45", 0.5".
Panel size: Max. 4' × 10' (usually is 1' × 1', 1' × 2', 1' × 4', 1' × 8', 2' × 2', 2' × 4', 2' × 8', 4' × 4', 4' × 8', 4' × 10')
Color: Siver, black, yellow, red.
Alloy: 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, 8000 series.
Temper: O, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34.

Chequers Options

5 Bar Chequers, 3 Bars, 2 Bars, 1 Bar, Diamond, etc.

Aluminum Checker Plate for Anti-slip function

2.5 , 3 , 4 and 5mm Aluminium Checkered Plates

Aluminum Checker Plate 5mm Thick.

Checker Aluminium Plate, 8 x 4 feet, thickness 3 MM, Two or Five bar design type.

Aluminum checker plate, 5 bar, 2 bar, and 1 bar for 2.5m thickness.

AA1060 H18 Aluminum Checked Sheets

Checkered aluminum plates, thickness of the plate (over plain) 5mm x 1000 x 2500mm.

Alternative sizes for same thickness available.

1mx2m thicknes 2mm to 3.5mm.

Sheet size 1219 x 2438 mm.

Aluminium Checkered Plates, Alloy AA3003, H-14 temper

With paper interleaf between all sheets

Thickness: 1.4 mm 1.5 mm 1.8 mm 2.5 mm 2.8 mm 3.8 mm 5.8 mm

One-bar Aluminium Checker Plate

Aluminum checkered plate with one bar 3mm 1000x2000mm

Aluminum chekered plate with one bar , 3mm1000x2000mm

One-bar aluminium checker plate 1000x2000mm with minimum thickness

Aluminum 5052 Grade Diamond Tread Plate for Pedestrians Walkways, One Bar Chequered.

Aluminium Checker Plate 6061-T6temper

Aluminum sheets of quintet 3 /3.5 mm thickness, 13400 x 2440 mm (L x W)

4’ x 8’ Aluminum CHECKER PLATE

Aluminum checker plate with size of 33" x 55.25" x ¼"

Aluminum checkered plates Q-068, plain plates grade 6061-T6

Aluminum Checkered Plate, Grade 5052

Checkered plate 6.4 x 1220 x 2440mm

Chequered plate 4M x 2M x 9.6 mm thick

400 mm x 9.6 thick x 6 M chequered plates.

4’x8’ x 6 mm plate, or 220 x 6 mm flat bar x 6M long.

4’x8’ x 8 mm plate / 220 x 8 mm flat bar x 6M long.

Aluminium Chequer Plates 5754 H114 TEMPERE

Material: 5754 H114 Tempered

Design: 5 bar

2500 x 1250 x 3mm on the plain.

2500 x 1500 x 4.5mm on the plain

2500 x 1250 x 6mm on the plain

3000 x 1500 x 3mm on the plain

3000 x 1500 x 4.5mm on the plain

Aluminum angle - 3" x 3" (76 x 76mm) Grade 5052.


Here is a comprehensive list of how aluminum checkered / embossed plate may be applied to benefit your business:
Industrial Manufactures:


It can be used as checker plate floor in vehicles, such as van-type vehicle catwalk flooring, step of the bus or truck, train inspection hole lid and tank car. It is also produced into the machined part, deep-drawn or spinned part, welded part and heat exchanger of the cars. In addition, It is usually seen on fire trucks and truck toolboxes.


Aluminum alloy material has excellent corrosion resistance in seawater, hence, Anti Slip Checkered Aluminum Plate is widely used in ship-building industry. Mainly for fabricating of ship decking, corridor floor, passageway, stairway, warehouse flooring, bridges floors, stairs, cabin deck, gangway to the floating docks, etc.


The lightness in weight, corrosion resistance and decorative pattern enable Aluminum Diamond Plate to be utilized in architectural designs. You can find it in architectural floors, stairs, shelves, wall tiles & splashbacks, counter tops & work surfaces, wall cladding, elevator screens, panelling kitchen & bathroom accessories, shop decoration, bar decoration, etc.

Factories and Plants Building:

Because it is chemical resistant, Aluminum Checker Plate is applied to manufacture of bench floor and stairs for equipment or plant machinery.

Other Uses:

It can be applied in making advertising board, sign board, and etc.

Below you can have a look of aluminium checkered plate in real cases of application, and formed in different colors, sizes and patterns.

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