1. Cigarette packaging aluminum foil
Cigarette packaging aluminum foil

Cigarette packaging aluminum foil

Cigarette packaging aluminum foil is primarily used as lining paper for cigarette boxes, often combined with paper. It includes calendered aluminum foil paper and aluminized paper. The tobacco foil has a smooth, seamless surface, flat plate shape, minimal

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Product introduction

Cigarette packaging aluminum foil is Flexible packaging aluminum foil , not only have the function of keeping fresh, but also can be printed with various of patterns and letters.Because aluminum foil has light weight, good coating, non-toxic, moisture-proof, shading, heat conduction, high electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance, aluminum foil is widely used in food and beverage packaging, cigarette packaging etc

Cigarette aluminum foil is dedicated to the application on cigarette liner packaging area. We are offering many aluminium foil solutions for cigarette packing with different color, differently printing pattern, laser aluminum foil paper and transferred aluminum foil paper etc. It’s available in different size, thickness. The environmental-friendly feature is also our advantage on top of its features of strong tensile strength and beautiful looking.

Cigarette packaging aluminum foil


Material Aluminum Foil (Single-side Coated)
Color Golden, Silver (or as request)
Alloy 1235/8011/8079
 Length  1500-1800mm
Width 81-86 mm
Gram Weight 50-70 gsm
ID Of Inner Core 76 mm
Features Environmental-friendly, High tensile strength
Base Paper Grammage 30±2gsm – 40±2gsm
Aluminum Foil Thickness 6.5±0.5mic
Total Thickness 0.045±0.01mm – 0.055±0.01mm
Tensile Strength ≥ 18.75N/15mm
Folding Strength ≥ 20times
Molding Degrees ≥ 30degree
WVTR ≤ 3.0gsm*24h
Paper Whiteness ≥ 75%
Moisture Content 6±2%
Fluorescent Whiteness ≤1.0%
Eab ≤2.0


Silver cigarette aluminum foil paper (Bright & Dumb)
Golden cigarette aluminum foil paper (Bright & Dumb)
Printed cigarette aluminum foil paper
Holographic cigarette aluminum foil paper
Embossing cigarette aluminum foil paper

Chemical Composition

Elements Composition /%
1235 1145 8011 8111 8021 8079
Si 0-0.65 Si+Fe 0.55 0.50-0.90 0.30-1.10 0-0.15 0.05-0.30
Fe 0-0.65 - 0.60-1 0.40-1 1.20-1.70 0.70-1.30
Cu 0-0.05 0.05 0-0.10 0-0.10 0-0.05 0-0.05
Mn 0-0.05 0.05 0-0.20 0-0.10 - -
Mg 0-0.05 0.05 0-0.05 0-0.05 - -
Cr - - 0.05 0-0.05 - -
Zn 0-0.1 0.05 0-0.10 0-0.10 - 0-0.10
Ti 0-0.06 0.03 0-0.08 0-0.08 - -
V 0-0.05 0.05 - - - -
Al Rem Rem Rem Rem Rem Rem

Mechanical Properties

Alloy Temper Thickness /mm Tensile strength /MPa elongation after break /%, (not less than)
A50mm A100mm
1145 1235 O 0.0060 - 0.0090 45-95 0.5
8011 8111 8021 8079 50-105 1.0

Aluminum Foil Size Tolerance

Local thickness tolerance

Thickness (T)/mm local thickness tolerance /mm
0.0060-0.0090 ±5%T

Average thickness tolerance

Coil quantity /t Average thickness tolerance/mm
≤3 ±5%T
>3-10 ±4%T
>10 ±3%T

Width tolerance

Width/mm Width tolerance/mm
Positive and negative symmetry deviation Unidirectional positive deviation Unidirectional negative deviation
≤1200 ±1 +1 0 0 -1
>1200 ±2 +2 0 0 -2

Allowable deviation of length or roll outer diameter

Outer diameter of the coil /mm Length tolerance (L) /mm Allowable deviation of coil outer diameter /mm
Not less than 80% foil coils in each batch Not more than 20% foil coils in each batch Not less than 80% foil coils in each batch Not more than 20% foil coils in each batch
≤450 ±2%L ±5%L -
>450 - ±10 ±20

Staggered layer and tower shaped

The staggered layer on the end face of the aluminum foil is not more than 1mm, and the tower shape is not more than 2mm.

Number of pinholes in aluminum foil

Thickness/mm Total number of pinholes/m2, not more than Number of pinholes with a diameter greater than 0.2mm/m2, not more than Number of pinholes with a diameter greater than 0.3mm/m2
0.0060 1500 150 O
0.0060-0.0065 1000 100
0.0065-0.0070 500 50
0.0070-0.0090 200 20


Width/mm Adhesion test results/m
≤1000 <=1.0
>1000 <=1.5

Number of connectors

Outer diameter of the coil/mm 80% of the coil allow for the number of joints (not more than) 20% of the coil allow for the number of joints (not more than)
320-360 0 1
360-450 1 2
450-650 2 4
>650 3 5


Barrier properties: Aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties, which can maintain the aroma of smoke and prevent the smell of smoke from corroding other items.

High waterproof: Aluminum foil can block moisture, effectively prevent moisture, and prevent cigarettes from becoming moldy in a humid environment and affecting the quality of cigarettes.

Non-toxic: Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, which can directly pack cigarettes and is harmless to human health.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Aluminum foil is a recyclable material that can be recycled to reduce resource consumption and environmental burden.


The packaging of tobacco products calls for a careful balance between the protection of a sensitive and aromatic natural product and the presentation of brands striving for individual identity and appeal.
Aluminium foil has become the preferred barrier material, particularly for the inner liner of cigarette packets. This is because it combines the ability to retain the characteristic aroma peculiar to each blend and brand, within aunique quality of ‘feel’ and appearance which is light, robust and easy to re-seal. An aluminium foil/paper laminate also offers mechanical qualities not available in alternative materials.

Cigarette inner liners

Liners are the most familiar and significant use of alufoil due to its unique combination of barrier, embossing, deadfold and web strength properties.
The total barrier nature of an alufoil laminate is well illustrated by the retention of the added aroma when menthol is added to a cigarette liner laminate. The foil enables the menthol to permeate within the tobacco but prevents it from escaping to the outside of the pack. Also, added product identity can be given by the use of embossed designs – textures, lacquer colours and logos.

Carton laminates for cigarette packs

Foil enhances the quality appearance of several premium cigarette brands, at the same time helping to protect important product components such as moisture and aroma. Embossed logos and designs keep their shape because of the alufoil layer.

Soft’ cigarette packets

The advantage of foil’s deadfold is combined with its barrier benefits to produce soft packs.

Loose tobacco

For those who prefer to make their own cigarettes, foil’s deadfold property allows temporary re-closure of packs of loose tobacco, conserving moisture and aroma.

Over-wraps for multi-pack cartons

Decorative foil laminates for large cartons of cigarette packs effectively retain the essential characteristics of the tobacco for extended periods.

Cigar sleeves

Used for some smaller cigars, these are an effective equivalent to the traditional aluminium screw-topped tubes used at the luxury end of the cigar range.

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