1. Chocolate Wrapping Aluminium Foil
Chocolate Wrapping Aluminium Foil

Chocolate Wrapping Aluminium Foil

Food-safe silver or gold-coloured wraps made of paper-based aluminium foil, cut to size per kilo in the factory at any size from 100x100 mm. From 50 kilos, even any RAL colour is possible. Suitable for chocolate

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Product introduction

Chocolate products, sweets and Confectionery must be protected against light, humidity and air. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent any release of fat form chocolate and to preserve its characteristic flavor. and chocolate must also be protected from fat penetration and from losing its aroma. The chocolate is packed in non-coated, one or two side transparent lacquer coated, or thermoplastic lacquer coated aluminium foil. The foil can be embossed with various designs or texts, as per customers’ requests. The common chocolate foil thickness is 0.010 – 0.014 mm, with embossed foil thickness from 0.010 mm.

Different company uses different pattern of chocolate wrappers to make their chocolate wrap look attractive and customized. With all our efforts to maintain the best quality and timely delivery to meet the end requirement of our members.

Our aluminum foil paper for chocolate wrapping helps protect chocolate from damage caused by light, oxygen and humidity. Our foil wrapper material also supports chocolate preserving its flavor for as long as possible. It will also ensure any oils released from chocolate aren’t visible on through the packaging.

Our paper foil is ideal for use with fast-moving converting machinery. They also present the added benefit of molding perfectly to the shape of the chocolate, making it an ideal wrapping material for chocolate bard, individual squares, pralines or truffles.

Chocolate Wrapping Aluminium Foil

These aluminium foil wrappers supported on a layer of greaseproof paper allow easy and tight wrapping around products. This immediately gives an end product a luxurious look and feel and because the aluminium wrappers are light and airtight, flavours and aromas are optimally preserved. Wraps are indispensable for packaging luxury cheeses and buttercream, also a frequently used product by chocolatiers when packaging luxury chocolate bars and in rectangular format also used as intermediate and inlay in chocolate boxes.


Description Pure aluminium chocolate foil wrappers
Alloy 8011,1235
Temper Soft or O
Grade Food grade
Type Roll, width customized
Small pieces size according to customer’s request
Big pieces of size 500*700mm
Thickness 12mics, 15mics, 18mics or as request.
Printing No printing,silver color.
Single color printing: Red, green, pink, yellow, golden, blue, brown,color customized according to pantone No.
Artwork printing as request
Embossing 1). No embossing. 2). dot, grind line or other patterns embossing.
3). logo and text.

Main Properties

Wide range of specifications
Optimum performance in all chocolate packing lines
Certified for direct contact with food
Excellent folding properties
Excellent machinability
Perfect forming and folding properties
Excellent unwinding & packing
Excellent barrier performance, to longer the shelf-life
Food grade ink & primer

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