1. Butter Packaging Foil
Butter Packaging Foil

Butter Packaging Foil

Dairy & yogurt pack aluminum butter foil, aluminum foil for butter wrapping, butter packaging foil, butter warp foil

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Product introduction

Butter packaging foil or butter wrapping foil are applied in butter wraps with capabilities including waxed base, lamination, embossing, or more complex packaging structures with high quality flexographic printing or single color wrappings.

Butter wrap packaging foil are a premium paper that is printed and wax coated with proprietary wax formulations or a paper that is adhesive laminated to thin gauge aluminum foil. Both products are designed to meet the productivity requirements of high speed packaging lines, high quality requirements of butter from an odor and shelf-life perspective, and the stringent performance requirements of the finished product’s supply chain.

Butter Packaging Foil


Aluminium thickness: 6 – 9μm

Grease proof paper weight: 22-45gsm

Wax and paraffin weight: 10-12gsm

PE thickness: 10-15μm

Slip performance can be tailor made according to machine speed

Not affected by deep freeze conditions that de-laminates or blisters the pack surface.

Different constructions available


Printing – Aluminum foil – paper

Printing – Aluminum foil – paper – PE

Embossed laminated foil

Basic Information


Food grade butter/margarine aluminum foil packing


Aluminum foil +Greaseproof Paper,
Aluminum foil + Wax +Paper,
Aluminum foil+ paper+ PE               

Thickness: 0.07mm to 0.10mm
Printing : Up to7 colors
Type Rolls 

Butter Packaging Foil


Butter, margarine, stock cubes, etc.


Raw material of food grade to ensure qualified packaging

1-8 colors printing, clear and pretty<

Excellent barrier against light, vapor, oxygen & oil

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