1. 8079 Aluminum Foil
8079 Aluminum Foil

8079 Aluminum Foil

8079 aluminum foil is an aluminum foil with high strength, good elongation and good stretchability

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Product introduction

Aluminium / aluminum 8079 alloy is a wrought alloy.8079 aluminum foil is one of the 8xxx aluminum alloy products. Compared to other alloy aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil is more moisture-proof, has good airtightness, keeps the taste, and has other advantages. Besides, 8079 aluminum foil has beautiful silver luster, and it is beneficial to work out all sorts of beautiful designs and decorative patterns. So it is easier to get the favor of people, the price of 8079 aluminium foil will be slightly higher than other alloy aluminum foil. Haomei Aluminum is a high-quality 8079 aluminum foil direct-selling manufacturer, with multiple advantages in aluminum foil production. Our 8079 aluminum foil and other aluminum foil products are deeply loved by customers at home and abroad.

8079 Aluminum Foil

Alloy 8079 is mainly designed for general packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, which has better performance than pure aluminum foil. Above all, we can manufacture products according to customers` requirements. 

The combination of the 8079 alloy and H18 temper provides optimal performance in pharmaceutical foil. Alloy 8079 foil is also widely used in the food packaging industry, beer mark, and household foil, bottle cap, etc. The top performance can be achieved when the thickness is 10~200 microns and the temper is H14, H18, etc












Typical Application

Food packaging, lunch box materials, baked lunch boxes


Used for food packaging: compound with other materials to make soft packaging foil, which can be used to package foods such as candy, tea, and bread. It can also be used for aseptic packaging aluminum foil, that is, paper bag/carton filled with pure milk.
Used for drug packaging: aluminum foil capsule board, medicine cover, blister foil, and medicine packaging bag.
Used for meal box materials: usually used for takeaway meal boxes and airmail wrinkle-free meal boxes.

8079 Aluminum Foil

Shipping Package

Aluminum foil product meet the export standard.free-fumigated wooden case is adopted to products from damage during the delivery.there are two kinds of packaging .which is suspension packaging or Horizontal packaging. customers can choose either of them for their convenience .basically ,1x20" container can load 18-22tons. and 20-24tons in 1x40" container.Each wooden case weight from 0.5MT-1MT,upto customer's request.

8079 Aluminum Foil

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