1. 1070 alloy aluminium slugs
1070 alloy aluminium slugs

1070 alloy aluminium slugs

aluminium slug used for collapsible tube production is made by 1070 alloy. Diameter min13 and thickness 3~10mm with surface vibrated.

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Product introduction

Aluminium slug is a kind of aluminium sheet in shape of flat round, rectangle, oval, dome, concave,etc. The aluminium slugs usually choose aluminium alloy 1050, 1070 for package containers. And 3003, 6061, 6063 alloys are mostly used for auto part, electric part production. The aluminium ingots are melt and cast into thick coil, then the coil is rolled to designed thickness in cold rolling mill. The press mill will stamp the aluminium slug with required diameter or shape out of the mother coil. The aluminium slugs after stamping bear internal stress and slim oil film so we have to heat it in annealing furnace to get the metal softer and oil film evaporated. The aluminium container extrusion bears high force upon the aluminium slugs in order to get the metal flow and designed container shape. So we process the aluminium slug in vibration machine and get the surface roughness to carry on lubricant powder before extrusion. Then the slugs are packed in carton and ready for delivery.


Description aluminium slug
Alloy 1050, 1070, 3003, 6061, 6063
Thickness 1~40mm
Diameter 10~200mm
Surface tumbled, sand blasted
Hardness 18±1HB
Lead time 15 days
Delivery term FOB, CIF to global ports
Loading quantity 24tons per 20"GP


1. Cosmetic Packaging Aluminium Slug

2. Capacitor Shell Aluminium Slug

3. Aerosol Bottle Aluminium Slug

4. Flexible Tube Aluminium Slug

5. Auto Parts Aluminium Slug

6. Shoeshine Tube Aluminium Slug

7. Aluminium Bottle Can Slug

8. Bottle Closure Aluminum Slug

9. Lighter Shell Aluminum Slug


1. In accordance with the needs of customers to processed into different shapes, sizes;
2. Good Product plasticity, easy to stretch, Good corrosion-resistant, and excellent appearance;
3. Production according to the International Standards: EN 570/573,ROHS,SGS.etc;
4. Product surface without burrs, no lace, no broken layer, no tree dermatoglyphs, no indentation, no oil, bright and clean, homogenizing annealing, moderate hardness, due to many steps of inspection, quality assurance.


Standard export package. Corrugated cardboard boxes (25 kg. each), on wooden pallets.

1070 alloy aluminium slugs

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